Global Summit of Women Speakers of Parliament organised by the UAE Federal National Council and the Inter-Parlimentary Union:  worked with the design team to create the brand look and feel, working on art direction of many items, designing the Summit Guide, as well as design and and finishing the Press Advertising in both English and Arabic. Samples above #graphicdesign #advertising #strongwomen
Supreme Group brand agency created:  oversaw implementation and development across the Group in all areas from internal and external campaigns, stationery, online use, proposals and basic office documents #graphicdesign #brandkeeper
Supreme Group brand: one of the external advert basis developed from the original brand idea to show 'supply chain solutions' [the icons linked together] in challenging environments [the oddly matched iconography in seemingly impossible locations] #graphicdesign #branding
Part of an internal mailshot campaign for the HR department to launch their new online system, with the aim to improve employee engagement and understanding through visuals in email and in enterprise social media channels #graphicdesign #campaigns #communications #hr
An extension on the 'Integrity ...' concept, creating something no corporate to appeal to the diverse employee work force across the world. Used initially for 'Ethics Week' the campaign had mailshots, social media internal marketing, photography of senior management getting involved and videos for instant impact. 
Produce the creative, the skeleton marketing plan in conjunction with the Internal Comms. Manager and support full execution, including photography and video creations #graphicdesign #campaigns #communications #ethics
Campaigns at Supreme Group needed to be simple and direct messages for the important messages to get across quickly, and bilingual for various world locations #graphicdesign #communications #ethics
One of the many customer campaigns for the dining rooms in Afghanistan. Making 'homely' looking imagery for the remote locations was extremely important, and was applied to posters, flyers, cut outs, decorations and internal decor alike #graphicdesign #marketing #campaigns
Customer engagement was key for feedback in Supreme Groups most remote and challenging locations #graphicdesign #campaigns
Creation of campaigns and artwork for CSR projects throughout Supreme Group - understanding the key messages became key as not to overload employees with too much information. A fine balance of communications #graphicdesign #csr #marketing #communications
For Supreme Group's own charity; was design support and then soul resource for the brand, logo, campaigns, marketing, organising, charity liaison, accountant, system and processes engineer and donors manager #graphicdesign #manager #charity
An example of adverts produced at Motivate Publishing in the marketing department. The 'booksarabia' brand was also created and is still used today #graphicdesign #marketing
Early advertising experience, working with Martin&Saldana Design Agency #graphicdesign
Campaign and artwork design and production for small business #graphicdesign #campaigns #marketing
Brand, logo and artwork for posters, flyers, event decor and brochure created and produced for community event for good causes. Running over five years so far, each year has had a change of colour and tweak of style to keep an on going brand but unique for each event #charity #graphicdesign #branding
Logo and advert artwork created for another good cause #charity #graphicdesign #copywriting
Artwork created for a social sports club, expanding the idea of the logo to produce something fun but elegant for the black tie event #community #graphicdesign #eventsupport
Flyer created for a good cause #charity #graphicdesign
One of many 'personalised magazine' covers created over the years. The attention to details to match the individuals life and personality is what makes these unique to 'online generated' versions. #graphicdesign #copywriting
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